Friday, July 2, 2010

Zombie Luv Flash Fic Contest: Something Not Hunger

The Hungry had clawed for weeks at the walls of St. Martin’s Cathedral. Their fingertips and nails were stripped away, and exposed bone grated against the rough stones. 

It was a fortress for the faithful and had, so far, repelled all others. Each morning and evening they held Mass. Fervent entreaties to God mingled with the low groans from outside the walls.

“Judica me, Deus, et discerne causam meam de gente non sancta. Judge me, O God, and distinguish my cause from the nation that is not holy. Ab mortuis iniquo et doloso erue me. Deliver me from the unjust and deceitful dead.

He marked the time by these communal prayers, leaning against a crumbled wall across the square.

He was the oldest among them. Boots, hard black leather, and a motorcycle helmet – as luck would have it – were sound armor for an animated corpse. With armor came longevity, and with longevity came experience. He had learned a few tricks and, in turn, followers who trailed him for scraps.

During the prolonged siege of the Cathedral, all but one had left him.

Her hair was the color of food: bright red, frizzed in the fetid humidity. She survived on the fringes, snatching scraps as the others fought bloody tug-of-wars. Her lower lip was split to the chin, and the slack caused the corners of her mouth to curl in a smile.

She crouched beside a bench; her slender fingers grasped the armrest. She watched him watch the onslaught in the dawn.

Piles of accumulated undead pulsed. Doors were blocked by bodies after the first days of the campaign. They continued to advance, treading on each other, raising mountains on the shoulders of flailing brethren.

He had kept his eye on one pile in particular. It blocked the main doors, and it had grown high. 

It was time.

He joined the fray, and so did she, an arm’s reach away. She followed him up the stair of bodies.

Near the choir loft window he pressed close against the surge. A shotgun barrel poked through a gap in the stained glass, and he was splattered with scalp and rot. He held up the limp body and continued his advance while more shots shook the corpse. He grabbed the gun barrel and pulled. Glass shattered as the defender followed the shotgun out the window and into the claws of the swarm.

He stepped aside then, pressing himself against a gargoyle. She pressed herself against him. They watched as shots felled one after another from the crowd in front them.

Minutes later, the gunfire ceased, and the undead steadily filed through the window. She held on to the tail of his jacket as they entered the church.

In the loft, scrums of five or more scrapped for flesh. The horde crowded down side stairs or tumbled over the balcony. The young and elderly huddled in pews crying and praying.

Clergy knelt before the altar at the front of the church, hands folded, eyes raised to the crucifix. “Conserva me ab inferno,” the bishop cried.

He tore out the bishop's throat.

He wrenched the arms from their sockets and shuffled behind the altar as the swarm reached the carcass. He set the right arm down and began feeding on the left.

She sat apart from the frenzy and stared. He ripped a bicep free from its tether; her tongue flicked out, vicariously tasting warm muscle.

He felt her eyes on him. Something that was not hunger stirred in his distended belly. 

He grasped one finger, snapped it off, and tossed it into her lap.

If his generosity was odd, her reaction was more so. She didn’t eat the finger; she turned it over in her hand, inspecting it.

A ring still circled the stump. It was thick gold, stamped with a cross and centered with a dark ruby.

She stood slowly and walked into the light. The morning sun blazed through the red and yellow stained glass. The jewel sparkled. The colored light played a kaleidoscope in her hair.

He went to her.

He took her hand, took the finger, and removed the ring. He slid it over her thumb. Then he picked up the second arm and handed it to her. 

Together, they fed.


  • Word count: maximum 1.000
  • The story must be a romance between two zombies. Make it as horrific as you like. ;)
  • Stories containing animal cruelty, torture, graphic sex or violence, any form of exaltation of violence, racism or other forms of prejudice will be immediately disqualified.
  • Post your entry on your own blog, with a title resembling this:
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  1. Very cool! Great descriptions throughout. The picture right at the beginning of their nails and fingertips stripped off on the wall showed right away that this was going to be a wicked one. Well done!

  2. Brilliant! You had me hooked from the first sentence. Bravo!

  3. Thanks for the great comments! I usually lean on dialogue in my stories, so this one was a real challenge.

  4. Wow, great writing. And the motorcycle helmet was pure genius.

    The zombie king and his fiery queen. Brilliant image. Excellent!

    Good luck in the contest!

  5. This is one nasty meal.

    Never heard the phrase "deceitful dead" before. Whether old religion or new from you, that is a neat one.

  6. Thanks everyone! John - The prayer is psalm 43, but I changed "deceitful man" to "deceitful dead" (although I'm not positive about my Latin, so I hope I didn't butcher it!).

  7. Great graphic descriptions & good story telling. Only one bit of constructive criticism - be careful using the same word or phrase more than once or twice. It's something I have to watch in my own writing.

  8. Wow, Matt, that just BLEW me away! What a story. Loved this:

    He looked to the front of the church, which was still undefiled. He saw the bishop kneeling before the altar, hands folded, eyes raised to the crucifix. She stepped aside, and he approached. “Conserva me ab inferno!” Save me from hell! the bishop cried.

    He tore out his throat.

    Definitely a big contender in the zombie luv contest. This was violent and sexy as hell. Gooooooood stuff!

  9. Great stuff - some very gruesome chunks in there mixed in nicely with the religious imagery.

  10. Gruesome yet romantic...hard to pull off both at the same time!

  11. Excellent job with the ZombieLuv. I love that they fall in love at the altar sharing a bishop!