Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bee grounded

Tommy coughed, and Bee, hovering just above his nose, wilted a little.

He hadn’t brushed his teeth.

She zipped to the ceiling and sat on the fan, legs dangling, looking down at the sleeping boys. She giggled then tumbled backwards and rolled off the blade, catching herself inches from the carpet and twirling out the door.

Down the stairs and around the living room, trailing subtle specks of fairy dust, she alighted on top of the Christmas tree, jealously nudging aside the angel and, with one hand shading her eyes, surveyed the landscape.

She bounced off a high branch and dove to the floor. Presents spilled beneath the tree as she plopped into the pile in a shower of tinsel.

“Achoo!” a puff of tinsel and fairy dust sneezed from the tree.

And out shot Bee, bouncing into the kitchen.

Past the sink, and Oh my! Look at that reflection in the window! Bee primped above the sink and straightened her yellow skirt. In a midair walk down the runway, she winked and spun, then corkscrewed down in a giggle-fit.

Too low! She never saw the water in the sink, and *Splash!* went Bee.

One arm, then two reached over the rim as she pulled herself out. She dabbled her brown toes in the soapy water while she dried.

She stood slowly, shook her black hair and wings. Then she leaped off the counter-top and tumbled to the ground. 

Her wings were dry, yes, but clean as well, scrubbed of fairy dust. Without fairy dust Bee couldn’t fly.

She couldn’t climb the stairs of course, and she certainly couldn’t get back into Tommy’s sock drawer to take a nap. So she cried and curled up under the pink recliner to rest.

In the morning, she peeked and watched the boys awake now. Tommy sucked on a candy cane from the tree and drank hot chocolate. He watched Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer talk to the misfit toys.

After Rudolf ended, Tommy stretched out on the floor and drew green angels for Christmas.

“Dad, I need glitter,” he said, then after a pause “Please.”

His dad brought the glitter.

“And I need glue, but not the glue stick. I need the white glue,” Tommy said.


Tommy spread glue on angel wings. He sprinkled glitter on the glue. He leaned low, blew slow, and glitter swirled through the air. It drifted beneath the recliner and stuck to Bee’s face, hair and wings. “Achoo!” she sneezed.

Bee flexed her wings and felt magic again! It turns out that glitter puffed with a gust of chocolate and peppermint breath is exactly the recipe for fairy dust.

Bee uttered a "Whoop!" and flew from under the recliner. She hovered before Tommy’s face, much to his surprise. She winked and zoomed upstairs.

Tommy looked everywhere for Bee, but he could not find her. She was tucked away in his sock drawer, which Tommy never opened because those socks were too small and no one ever folded his socks to fill the drawer.

And he can’t look now because it’s time to go to sleep.
This one's a bedtime story I told my 4-yr-old the other day. It's also my 3 Word Wednesday ("utter," "lean" and "dabble").


  1. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that glitter with a gust of chocolate and peppermint breath is exactly what fairy dust is made of! Cute story.

  2. Thanks! My boy liked it, so I figured I'd see how it looked written out.

  3. Now that's adorable. Enjoyed it thoroughly, Matt!

  4. Aw, very sweet. I could see this play out like a Saturday morning cartoon. I hope you print it and put it in his scrapbook! :)

  5. Thanks for the kind words. I've never written anything like this before, and it was a lot of fun!

  6. Oh this is so adorable!! I won't complain about finding glitter from my Christmas cards all over the house now.

  7. What a fun story!

  8. such a great bedtime story for Tommy. Thanks for sharing it with everyone.

  9. Love the voice you use to tell this tale; it creates such a perfect image of the happy-go-lucky fairy.

  10. Oh, that's ADORABLE. I need to read that to my son tonight!

  11. Thanks everyone! Aidan, I'm glad you said that about the voice, I was a little worried that it was off. Wasn't sure if my language was consistent.

    I appreciate you all taking time to read my story. I'm a little late getting to everyone else's, but I'll be diving into reading tonight. Look forward to seeing your stuff, too.

  12. ganymeder, I'm flattered that you'd consider reading it to your son! That's the ultimate compliment. Thanks!